Make Your First Time Experience Remarkable

You are on cloud nine, as she is coming to your place tonight. There are thousands of things that you need to work on, but don't want to tire yourself as you too need to have enough energy for the fun activity at night. You have waited for this day, your whole life and you are too excited about it.

It is the time to put forth your knowledge about the ways to please her. You heard a lot about it from your friends and also must have learned by watching the porn stars. In your dreams, you did it so many times and every time you excited her and made her beg in front of you for more. There is every reason to rejoice this moment, but there is something that you are scared about.

What if you are not able to satisfy and excite her? In that case, she might never want to meet you again, and will have wrong impression about her. What in excitement if you hurt her or do something wrong. No matter how much information you might have gathered, but still it's a fact that you are inexperienced.

Don't panic

You are doing it for the first time, and you certainly don't want this fact to be revealed to her. She will not have a good opinion about you, if she finds this fact. You boosted about yourself so much in front of her, and this is the reason why she agreed to have a great time with you. Common guys, you are dating your dream girl, so don't make it a challenging task.

She is a human being, and will not appreciate if you treat her like an object. Also, let her know that you are inexperienced and this is the first time. In fact, she will be happy to know that you are new. Instead of merely concentrating on achieving orgasm, guy's think about various things that you can do to arouse her.

Remain Calm

Well, you need to relax and calm yourself. Don't enter into the room with any stress, as it will ruin the whole game. You need to pay attention to enjoy safe sex with her, and ensure that she equally enjoys the act as you will. Include lots of foreplay, as they love it.

You certainly want the game to continue for a longer time. Without sexually charging her, you both can never enjoy the act, thoroughly. She is not worried or concerned to know if this is your first time, unless you relax and arouse her. It's ok if you fumble in the beginning. She doesn't want you to be perfect, so don't make that issue a big thing. Even experienced men, sometimes fumble, whenever they have sex with a new partner.

It is because they don't know what their partner needs and what things can excite her. It's fine to commit mistakes, but ensure that you don't repeat them frequently. Don't expect yourself to be a macho man, when you encounter her for the first time. It is quite normal and fine to panic and get nervous, but they will certainly not penalize for these things.

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