Obvious Reasons To Why It's Not You Who Has Hardened Her Nipples

A lazy walk on the road-side can all of a sudden turn into an exciting experience, in-fact a matter to boast about among friends, if you see a girl with hardened nipples nearby. Soon, numerous thoughts flood into your mind.

Not only you start imagining the figure and structure inside, but also you strongly feel that you are the reason for it. By the way, do you consider your-self so arousing for any girl? Misconception, it might be.

Anyways, it's an obvious thing, in-fact a kind of human nature for you guys. You can't help staring at those erected nipples, poking out of a girl's shirt. Indeed, it's arousing to see that, and yes one feels a strong urge to discuss about the same with his friends too. However, as far as the reason is concerned, for why their nipples might get erected, it's not always due to arousal.

The Freezing Atmosphere Outside

It's the cool breeze of December. You shiver, and the skin hair is raised to trap your body heat close to your body, and to let the muscle fibers contract. These are quite natural response of your body to a cold and shivering atmosphere. Nature has designed your body that way, to protect it against cold.

Similarly, girls too have such responses to cold and freezing air. Additionally, the muscle fibers of their nipples and areola too respond in the same way to the environment. Hence, their nipples get erected. That makes it very clear, as the next time if you notice a girl with hardened nipples, you need to check the surrounding atmosphere first. If that's freezing, probably you are not the reason for what you are staring at.

She Might Be Excited For Any Other (Non Sexual) Thing

Yes, it's true that their nipples can even respond to excitements, worry, or any sudden emotional rush inside. The muscles fibers of the nipples respond to such stimulations by getting hard.

Besides, it might also be possible that it's because of rubbing of her nipples on her clothing. Like, your penis might get erected after being rubbed against your trousers for long, their nipples might too respond the same way.

Things To Remember

It's true that you simply can't avoid staring at erected nipples of a girl nearby. Yet, you need to check your habit, and ensure that can control your eyes in such a situation. Give it a thought, as how a girl might feel when being stared at her nipples by a guy in front of her. It obviously is quite uncomfortable and annoying for any girl. Hence, you needn't let them get into such awkward situation.

Especially, if you are dating a girl, and all of a sudden your eyes get stuck at those hardened portion of her body, you need to control your eyes there and then. Besides, you needn't take it as your ‘effect'. Staring continuously at those can leave a bad and desperate impression of yours. Chances are high that she would try to leave the place as soon as possible.

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