List Of Chemicals That Stimulate Your Sex Life

During sex, not everything occurs between your legs, the climax takes place between your ears. Basically thoughts, bodily sensation and feelings are correlated with particular nerve cells in the body that gets activated.

Orgasm occurs when particular pathway is electrified, while your defense path is turned off. This happens when chemical messengers and nerve cell receptors bind together.

First and foremost, neuro-chemical changes develop in your limbic system. Your limbic system is the place of emotion, impulses, desires and drives, even the sexual ones.

It is not just both of you working hard during intercourse, but your body too takes part by releasing several sex hormones during and after libido.

Dopamine - It is a neurotransmitter and linked with craving, sexual desire, motivation and reward. If you are with somebody you like or see a photo of a person, you admire your body releases dopamine making you feel blissful and happy. Therefore, it is called ‘LOVE' hormone.

Testosterone - Testosterone stimulates sex drive, which is vital for arousal and libido. Males with testosterone deficiency face difficulty in maintaining their erection or lose interest in sexual activity. With sufficient testosterone level, men feel aroused, confident and sexually virile.

Oxytocin - It is also popular as ‘Cuddling hormone'. Oxytocin is released by pituitary glands. It stimulates the prostate causing muscle tightening and sensitizing of the nerves. This hormone makes you feel connected and bonded with your partner.

Endorphins - They are group of neurotransmitters that work on opioid receptors in the brain and relieve you naturally from stress and depression. They create the feeling of joy and pleasure.

You are filled with a sensation of well-being, which makes you feel drowsy and dizzy. This is the reason that promptly after an orgasm your endorphins make you fall asleep.

Prolactin - After orgasm, prolactin relieves sexual arousal and takes your brain off sex. It allows you to think about other activities besides the nude woman right there with you.

Adrenalin (epinephrine) - Adrenaline activates sympathetic nervous system. Due to this heart rate and blood flow increases in your body during sex. It also causes refractory period of about 20 minutes after an orgasm. Adrenal glands release lots of adrenaline during libido, which intensifies circulation with every heart contraction. This hormone races your heartbeats making you feel exhilarated.

Phenylethylamine - It triggers the secretion of dopamine in pleasure zones of the brain. It is released during peak of orgasm. This chemical is found in chocolates. You feel besieged with feelings of attraction, ecstasy and excitement.

Serotonin - Serotonin is a mood enhancer. After orgasm, your brain releases more serotonin, which acts as anti-depressant. You feel emotionally balanced, hopeful, cheerful and satisfied.

Vasopressin - It is the dynamic force of libido. It ensures that the male gets motivated enough to enjoy sex, so as to produce offspring. During erection vasopressin-level enhances in your bloodstream, but promptly decreases after ejaculation.

Estrogen - This hormone is found in females, when they are exceptionally fertile. It promotes the feeling of sexual desire and arouses her sex drive making her feel horny.

It is natural

There is no need to bother about drugs, when your body has active chemicals waiting to be released. An orgasm involves interaction between your body's three systems - Vascular system, endocrine system and nervous system. Their interaction process is complicated, but it happens miraculously.

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