Do You Know The Three Things That Every Woman Want In A Penis?

Most of the people think that it is all about the penis size. Well, in fact, in most of the cases it is not just about the size. As a man, you must be thinking that the first thing she notices in your penis when she sees you naked is its length and width, but well to your surprise that is not true.

The one thing that every woman looks for in a penis is the ultimate sexual pleasure. She is only concerned about the ultimate orgasm she gets and satisfaction at the end of the orgasm. This depends on three crucial points.

Wide head

Head is the most important part that every woman notices when she sees you naked. After all, the head is what will excite her g-spot and will let her enjoy mind blowing orgasm. Now you should know that her g-spot is not as wide as she expects your head to be, but a wider head will stimulate her g-spot more and arouse her more.

Thick shaft

You must know how sensitive the vagina and its opening are. A thin penis will not rub against the vaginal wall like the thick one does. A thicker shaft will automatically cause more of rubbing with better friction, and thereby making her have the best orgasm ever.

Now, those who have thin penis, there is nothing to worry, as it is not the end of the world. Your sexual techniques are more important than the thickness of your penis. You can try to thrust your penis in a circular motion rather just simple in and out. The circular motion will create more rubbing of your penis with the vaginal wall, and of course satisfying her.

Right curve

Now this is something that every woman is looking for. G-spot is ideally located on the top wall of a vagina touching the stomach, and a slightly upward curved penis is expected to stimulate it better. If you don't have the right curve to reach her spot, then you can try having sex in multiple positions, at least one of those will surely help you attain your goal.

For instance, doggy style is one of the fantastic positions, and it does help you stimulate her g-spot better.

Be confident:

Once you understand what a woman expects your penis to look like, it is then important for you to gain some confidence, and make all the difference that you can. No woman will ever date you if you seem dull and weak and for sure will never wish to have sex with you. If you are inexperienced, study a little before you go to bed with your lady love.

You need to try to understand how your woman wants it. For instance, most of the women are shy to discuss what they want and how they want with their partners. So, try to take initiative and learn as much as you can about your woman, be a confident man, and rock her world in bed.

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