Learn How Tantric Sex Can Help You Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

It is completely depended on every couple that which sex positions or techniques they find more pleasing. For instance, any sex can be good, say hard, rough, soft, delicate, etc. Whatever type of sexual practice you enjoy, there is one fact that remains the same for all, which is sooner or later you and your partner are going to get bored of it.

There is always a room for change and let it be Tantric Sex this time. Tantric sex will not only help you have an amazing arousal experience, but will also give you an opportunity to discover how remarkable it is to have sex without racing or rushing towards orgasm.

How to start?

The first thing to do is convince your partner and yourself to try it out. This will take hard work and involvement from both the partners and hence, understanding the concept deeply is crucial.

There is no rush, take your time and figure out how you want to start things, as any small change made to go ahead in this direction, will take you closure to the attainment of ultimate Tantric Sexual pleasure. Try to follow the steps mentioned below and see how it makes the entire phenomena easier.

First of all, design the base:

It is really crucial that you set up a perfect ambiance in order to achieve the attainment of tantric sex. Make a few changes in how you get started with normal and routine sex. Try having a romantic dinner and though you know each other well, forget the world around you and try to connect all over again.

Next, decorate your room using flowers, candles and scents like jasmine or rose. You can also use some soft music, as a special effect, which both of you enjoy. The ambiance that you create will have a lot of impact on second step. Things will go a lot smoother and more sensuous if the surroundings are supporting.

Second and the hardest, breathe together:

Try to inhale while your partner exhales. This is a little tough one and you might lose a track of it but it is really necessary. This is actually the easiest way to sync with your partner. You can try some supporting sex positions to accomplish this task, but make sure you never lose control and start making normal love, as this is just the beginning of what we call Tantric Sex.

Cuddle and maintain eye contact all the time:

As tantric sex does not have the approach of rushing towards climax, you can take it really slow and well. Try to cuddle more than regular and feel every inch of your partner with your hands. Again, make sure you are continuously breathing together.

Also, throughout the entire cuddling session, try never to lose eye contact, as this will make both, you and your partner feel the real passion and connection developing between the two of you. If everything goes as per planned, you are sure to have the best sex of your life.

Tantric sex is all about

  • Having the ultimate sexual pleasure
  • Never hasting
  • Taking your relationship to next level

Tantric sex is sure to bring you and your partner closer, and add whole new meaning to your life together.

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