Tips To Help You Enjoy Healthy Sexual Relationship With Your Sweetheart

Many relationships start and end for variety of reasons. The only connection that has prevailed for many years is the one between sex and love. The attraction between partners either will grow stronger or may end soon, but sex can be the bridge that has the capacity to connect two hearts.

When it comes to having sex, being smarter can surely help you to be safer from any unwanted results like pregnancy, STD infections etc. Here are some tips to enjoy safer sex with your partner.

Talking before Sex

Talking usually does not mean that you try dirty talks with your mates. When you are being intimate with your partner for the first time make sure to speak to them about detailed sex stuffs, so as to know whether the person is completely ready to go all the way or not.

Use Protection

There are many drawbacks in having unsafe sex. Hence, it is strongly suggested to use some safety measures like:


Wearing condoms is the best way to enjoy sex. It also keeps both you and your partner safe from unwanted results like unplanned pregnancy, being infected by the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), HIV infections, and so on. Never try wearing more than one condom.

Use Lubricated condoms

During sexual intercourse, there are some chances wherein the condom breaks with the increase in the intensity. Buying lubricated condoms are quite helpful since, they are easy to put-on and offer comfortable intimacy for both for you and your partner.

Speak to Your Partner about their Sexual History

Make sure to have healthy conversation about your partner's sexual history.

Follow the Monogamy Rule

Monogamy rule actually means that you are making a pact of being with only one person, the rest of your life, and the same applies to your partner too. Monogamy can be the best way to start a healthy relationship by being loyal to one another. This can even protect you from STD infection.

Don't Drink Alcohol or Do Drugs before Sex

Even though alcohol serves as a starting step for having sex try to be conscious before having sex. Alcohol and drug abuse has a tendency to interfere with your decisions and you may end up with awful choices that may hurt you and your partner in the future.

Keep Extra Condoms

Unsafe sex usually takes place when you go for a drink on your first date or with men to whom you are sexually attracted to. Alcohol can make you lose your self-control and you end up having unsafe sex. There is nothing wrong with having sex without any contraceptives, but it becomes risky when you get intimate with a stranger.

You need to ensure that proper precautions are taken under any circumstances to avoid any sex related diseases like STD, AIDS, infections, etc. Hence, it is always suggested to keep at least two to three extra condoms. Condoms tend to break, if you do not handle them smoothly while putting-on. Keeping an extra condom can come handy during such times.

Don't Force Your Partner into Sex

Remember that sex can be more enjoyable, if both the people involved are totally into it. If you force your partner, you may end up facing legal lawsuits in the future.

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