Four Different Situations That Calls For Enjoying Or Not Using Foreplay

Every couple love to indulge in the best sex. The sex can be more intimate and enjoyable depending on the moves that you implement while having sex. Foreplay mainly includes touching, kissing and even fondling your partner. It plays a key role in making and breaking the sexual intimacy between couples during sex.

Here are some simple steps that can help you understand about when to and when not to try skipping foreplay.

When is it okay to skip foreplay?

Here are some situations where you can skip sexual foreplay.

When it is Time for Work

Couples love to roll over one another and enjoy some foreplay every time they wake up in the morning. However, it is not necessary that your partner is always ready for some fun, whenever they wake up and hence, it is better to skip the part and finish the work with just some kisses.

While Rushing Somewhere

Your partner will like it, when you do not make them reach late for the work and hence, it is totally understandable if you skip foreplay, when you are in a hurry.

When you and your partner are Completely Aroused

Getting right into the main part of the sex, when you both are totally turned-on, do not make your partner to think any less about you, and instead your partner will be happy that you did not waste any extra time doing unnecessary things.

When you and your Partner are in Uncomfortable Situation

Situations like staying at a friends' place along with your partner in the same room may put you in awkward situation. It may get worse if the parents of your dear ones are sleeping right next door. Hence, it is better not to try any sexual act including foreplay during such situation.

When is it not okay to skip foreplay?

When you are seeing Someone Who is Difficult to Impress

When you are dating someone, who is very hard to impress, then it is suggested not to skip foreplay every time you have sex. Arousing your partner by some “handy-work” can be the best way to get them onboard before sex.

When you are Trying New Moves

Learning new moves from the internet or from friends' and family can be the best way to maintain healthy sex life. However, it is not necessary that your partner also gets onboard with your newly learned moves and hence, start with some sensuous foreplay moves before trying the new tricks.

When it is your First Time with Someone

Getting directly into business can create some misunderstanding in your partner's mind, when both of you are doing it for the first time with each other. If you are planning to be in a relationship with them, for a long time, then starting from some best hand-moves is better to turn your partner on before starting the actual performance.

When Your Eyes Meet Intimately

Eyes reflect every thought running through your partner's mind. When your partner gives positive signal through their eye never get directly into business, but instead start with intimate and sensuous foreplay.

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