Give Her The Ultimate Ecstasy With Some Fun Moves On Her Clitoris

Many men want to rock their partner's sexual world, but only few can do so. If you think that they are experts and are naturally gifted to satisfy every woman, then you are definitely wrong. No one is born perfect and this can be properly related to the sexual performance.

Satisfy her sexually

There are simple ways through which you can satisfy your partner and give her a mind-blowing sexual experience. The more you explore her clitoris better will be the fun in bed. Women can be easily excited sexually by stimulating her clitoris. Now, that you know how to satisfy your partner, let's check how this can be done.

Many men have difficulty in finding the clitoris, which is one of the biggest mistakes. Her clitoris has many nerves that send the waves of sexual excitement throughout her body. You will surely make her go crazy with excitement by stimulating her clit in the right manner. This organ has been designed exclusively to give her sexual pleasure.

Find her clitoris

The first thing that needs to be done here is to find her clitoris. It is not at all complicated as many men assume it to be. This sensitive organ is located on the vaginal opening and is located below the pubic area. It looks quite similar to a bud, and the size increases when she is sexually aroused.

Blood from different parts of her body flows into her clit during arousal. There are muscles and nerves that make it quite sensitive, as compared to the other parts. Clitoral hood is located beneath the hood, and could be easily seen when she is aroused. However, when she is on the verge to reach climax, the clitoris shrinks in size and goes inside the hood.

It can be stimulated again

The good thing is that once it is stimulated again, the size of the clitoris increases. This is perhaps the reason why it is suggested that men spend more time in here stimulating her sexually.

Slow and steady game

You can never learn the art of excellence by hurrying things out in bed with her. While exploring her clitoris, it is suggested to be slow. This portion is delicate and you cannot risk being harsh with it. If you do, then you might hurt her, which will spoil the fun of the game.

She doesn't want you to find it and start pressing it, as many men think that it is the best way to excite her sexually. Whatever you do, it is suggested to begin the act slowly and then steadily increase the speed. The whole idea is to stimulate her sexually and not hurt her.

Take care of comfort

She wouldn't enjoy the game at all, if you try to show off your strength in this area. Make use of your fingers and tongue, gently to explore the depth of the area. Once she is sexually excited, you can increase the intensity as this will excite her for sure. Take her guidance while playing with her clitoris, as she knows about her excitement better than you.

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