The Myth And Reality Behind The Difference In Libido Among Men And Women

Often people have a doubt about who have the greatest sex drive, men or women. It has been a controversial issue from time immemorial. However, researches and discoveries have revealed that men have much more stronger and straightforward sex drive than women do. Let us talk about some popular myths about libido and the reality behind them.

1. Myth- Women think too often about sex

Reality- Laumann reports that men think at least once about sex during a day whereas women's fantasies are half of this number. A social psychologist of Florida State University, Roy Baumeister found that men report more arousal and fantasies than women.

2. Myth- Women masturbate or involve in sex more than men

Reality- Roy Baumiester also found that men are more actively engaged in sex or relationship than women are. In general, around 40% women masturbate. Are men left behind? No, the number of men masturbating is around 60% (much more than women).

Moreover, the number of men seeking for female prostitution is higher as compared to women. Be it social problems or shyness only 49% nuns were reported to be involved in sex whereas this number is more than 60% for priests.

Baumiester also found that on an average, gay couples have more sex session than lesbian couples. Furthermore, his survey also found out that men wanted to have sex with multiple partners whereas the number of women in such cases was very less.

3. Myth- Turning on women is easier

Reality- Well, for all men out there, who think turning a woman on is easier, here is the reality. Women have complicated arousal system. Moreover, when, why and by whom will they get aroused vary significantly. This is the reason why women feel less aroused by pornographies whereas the number of men feeling aroused by seeing any kind of sex is as high as 90%.

Moreover, something that turns on a woman today might not work tomorrow. Surprised? Well, at least this is what a survey done by Michael Bailey, a Northwestern University sex researcher says.

4. Cultural factors do not effect women's performance and libido

Reality- For a person out there, thinking nothing can change the libido of their women other than bad health the reality check is here. According to a study conducted by Baumiester, if a woman is religious or goes to the church more often, then her libido is less than a man, who follows the same practice. This list does not end here.

The thinking of their friends or peers also decides their perspective about sex. The level of education they have directly influences the type of sex they will indulge in, which is not the case with men. The sexual drive and fantasies of men are not affected by the education system or cultural factors.


With these myths and truths, it may have become clear in your mind that men take sex more seriously than women do.

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