Tips To Propose Your Lady Love For The Engagement

Relationship is a beautiful phase of every one's life. You have waited for the moment all throughout your life, to propose to the girl whom you love a lot. Read this article to know how you can plan a grand engagement and make every moment special.

Popular ways to impress her father

Girls are quite close to their fathers. Once she agrees to the relationship, you need to meet and talk to her family members. You need to seek her father's approval for this relationship. Impress him in the right manner and make a strong connection with him. You can make her happy by including all her family members in the celebration.

Try to impress her father with your qualities like mysteriousness, chivalry, attitude, and confidence. Besides this, you have to concentrate on your behavior, hygiene, dressing sense, and lifestyle. While you approach her father, make sure you smell good.

How do your grooming and dressing sense make a difference?

Wear clean and properly pressed clothes only. To enhance your look, you could carry accessories like watch, sunglasses, wrist band or any other thing. Try to simple and genuine in front of her father, and answer sensibly. Don't over express yourself, as he might not like it. Of course you can seek her help to know more about her father and his preferences.

Bring sophistication in your behavior. Try to walk and talk with grace. It is quite difficult to improve the personality in few days, so start working on it at the earliest. Her father might be looking for an independent and well settled guy. So, you could be in trouble if you do not have a permanent job.

Some of the best techniques to propose your lady love

Propose her for marriage. There are hundreds of ways of proposing your lady love. However, do not learn any kind of pick up lines from the internet or romantic novels. She will easily understand that you have rehearsed the lines. It could spoil her mood. Try to be original and use some genuine words. Share your feeling with her and propose her in a natural way. If she loves you, there is no way she will say no to it.

Now, you need to book an exotic location for this ceremony. You need not spend thousands of dollars to book a 7 star hotel or overseas holiday. Rather, you could spend this money on a beautiful dress for her so that she looks best for the event. Browse the internet and find some beautiful locations for celebrating your marriage and which is within your budget.

How to choose a perfect ring

Now you have to choose the most important thing, the ring. Well, you might have heard that diamonds are the girls' best friend. You could buy a lovely ring according to your budget. Make sure that it fits her finger well. Moreover, you could browse the internet to gain basic knowledge about diamonds and popular jewelry showrooms around.

You could ask your female friend to come along to buy the jewelry. She will help you in making a better decision. Every lady has her own style and taste. To know about her taste, you could have a look at her existing jewelry collection.

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