What Is The Average Penis Size?

The Studies Conducted To Find Average Penis Size and Their Results

All of us are competitive by nature and no matter what the issue is, we always want to be the best. We never really stop comparing ourselves with our peers and this is no different when it comes to our sex life. For any man or woman, how well they are performing sexually is something of real value and importance, especially for men. If they know, their partner had a lover in the past the first thought that crosses their mind while having sex is, ‘am I performing better than her ex'.

When we discuss about sexual performance, the only thing that men are extremely obsessed about is their penis size. Most men feel that a big penis is the only element that will satisfy their partner. However, this is totally wrong and it no way works like that. As agreed by thousands of women in an independent research, they are satisfied with their partner's penis size and do not see any need to go for an enlargement.

This issue is so big that it has troubled sexologists for years now. Moreover, the most important point that creates misunderstanding is what an average penis size should be. There are lots of misinterpretations when we discuss about the appropriate average penis size. In 1879, Dr. W. Krause reported in a medical paper that an average erect penis should be 8 ¼ inches. Fortunately, in 20th century with the help of clinical studies, this confusion was answered and has come up with a reasonable and modest conclusion.

The Kinsey Study

Alfred C Kinsey, founder of Kinsey Institute, published a very controversial book of its time entitled as ‘Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male'. Along with other topics, Kinsey also included the results, clinical studies concerning average penis size. The study was done involving 3500 college students and the average results were as follows:

  • Erect penis length: 6.21 inches
  • Erect penis girth: 4.85 inches
  • Flaccid penis length: 3.89 inches
  • Flaccid penis girth: 3.75 inches

Kinsey also reported that more than 65% of 3500 test subjects had erect penis length between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. Thus, it was concluded that any man falling in the same range is considered having an average penis size. However, there was a significantly big flaw in the Kinsey study and it was that the subjects were supposed to measure their penises by themselves.

Later, when other studies were conducted, it was observed that the average penis size is much lesser than what it was as per the Kinsey study. This clears that not all the subjects of the Kinsey study were modest enough to give the exact measurements.

Well, in spite of this slight bias, Kinsey study is still considered of great importance since no other study involved so many test subjects.

Durex Study

With an intention to produce the most befitting product, a number of condom manufacturers have conducted individual research about average penis size. Durex conducted a research involving 2936 males and the survey was conducted online. For sure, the survey involved a lot of participants, yet just like Kinsey study, the data was gathered depending on self-measurements. As per the study:

  • Average erect penis length: 6.4 inches
  • Average erect penis girth: 5.2 inches

Life Styles Condoms

Since the results coming from the data collected by self-measurements were not satisfying. Life Styles Condoms opted for a more scientific approach. A team of professionals measured the penis size of 301 men and that too twice. It is considered as one of the most important and valuable studies in this field since in no other studies were the results gathered with so much accuracy and precision. They were expecting to conduct the study involving 1000 participants, yet the data collected is considered more accurate than any other studies. The results were surprising and as follows:

  • Average erect penis length: 5.877 inches
  • Average erect penis girth: 4.972 inches
  • More than 60% of participants were between 5.1 to 6.2 inches in erect length.

The previous two studies, Kinsey and Durex, which were based on self-measurement, gave the average penis size when erect as 6.2 to 6.3 inches. On the other hand, the study conducted by Life Styles Condoms, which was conducted with the help of a team of professionals, gave the average penis size when erect as 5.877 inches.

Another clinical study was conducted by a Brazilian urologist on 150 subjects, just like the one conducted by Life Styles Condoms, this study was also conducted using accurate measure. The study reported that an average erect penis length is 5.7 inches and on an average any erect penis girth will be of 4.7 inches. This is close to the results of the study conducted by Life Styles Condoms.


The results of different studies reveal that there is no definitive answer found yet to what is the average penis size. However, one thing that is clear for sure is the studies based on unverified and self-measurement reports higher average measures than those, which are accurately and clinically taken. Nonetheless, this is because men have a tendency to exaggerate about their penis size whenever they get an opportunity.

Now, studies based on self-measurements show that an average erect penis size is 6.2 to 6.4 inch. On the other hand, the studies conducted clinically and with complete accuracy involving a team of professionals report that an average erect penis size is less than 6 inches.

Even if unclear, we can at least conclude one thing from the above results that an average penis size is something that most men fall into, i.e. 5.5 – 6.4 inches in erect penis length and 4.7 – 5.2 inches in erect penis girth.

So, if you measure anywhere between the measurements given above, simply relax since your penis size is normal and there is nothing to worry about at all.

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