7 Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Make Your Penis Appear Bigger Than It Really Is

Tips That Will Make Your Penis Look Larger than It Actually Is

Men have always adored their penis, and have been proud of its shape and size. However, no matter what shape and size he is, a man will always think of increasing the size of his penis further. However, what most men do not know is that there are simple tricks and illusions, which will make your penis appear longer in size than it actually is.

The floating finger trick to create an illusion of a larger penis

As a kid, all of you must have had your own copy of books, which provides information on optical illusion. That was fun, wasn't it? Well! Among all the tricks, do you remember the floating finger trick, where you point your index finger toward each other, leaving an inch space between them, with both your fingers at eye level, focus on the wall or any other object at the distance. What do you see? The effect is that you see a finger with two ends floating towards your eyes. Now use this illusion trick, to make your penis look larger to your partner before having sex.

While using this trick, make sure that you are standing at the right angle and at the right distance to create a perfect illusion.

Illusion created by standing at right angle

It is really essential that you stand in a certain way, so that when your girl sees your penis, it is at an angle where your penis will look larger than it actually is. This is actually true, and if you are doubtful about what is being said, then its time you experiment it yourself in front of the mirror.

Take off your clothes, and stand naked in front of the mirror. Make sure that your penis is erect while you are doing this. Take time looking at yourself, and your penis. Look from all angle, from the front, as well as from the sides. What do you see? Did you notice that your penis looks larger and longer when you are standing sideways?

Now try looking at yourself and your penis, from an angle of 45 degree. Did you notice that your penis looks larger in this particular profile than it does in the side profile?

Make sure you try these angles, and not let your girl look at your manhood from the front profile. The front profile will make your penis appear smaller and makes your partner feel that you have a small penis.

Trimming the bush around your manhood

Another simple and effective way of creating an illusion of having a large penis is by trimming the hair around your penis. This method has been effectively used by all male porn stars in order to make their penis seem longer.

When we say trimming, it means slightly cutting of your pubic hair, and not shaving it off or waxing it. Many women does not like clean shaved penis, as they feel that it's not masculine. However, there are women, who prefer clean shaved or waxed penis.

Correct size and color condom will make your penis look longer

It is really important that you dress up your penis before you have sex. Dressing up means that, the condom should be of the correct size, so that it fits you properly. Most men just go and buy a condom, not understanding the effective role it plays, in making your penis look longer and more desirable to your partner. Choosing the right style of condom for your penis is really important.

It is as important as dressing up right for a meeting, an interview or a date. To make you understand this better, let us compare it with the way men as well as women dress up. When men wants to create an illusion of looking taller, they simply wear vertical striped shirt, similarly when you are looking for a condom, make sure that you choose a ribbed condom, with ridges which will go up towards the length of your condom.

You will notice that almost all women avoid wearing horizontal dresses. This is because they all know that it creates an illusion, which makes them look fat. Hence, if you want to create an illusion, which would make your manhood appear thicker then you should choose a ribbed condom. It should have concentric rings along the length.

Color also makes a huge difference in creating an optimum illusion, which will make your penis, seem longer. Most of you would readily wear black or any other dark colored clothes, as it makes you look thin. The reason for this is that, dark colors create a slimming effect. Same goes in case of condom. When guys state that black condom makes their penis looks bigger, it is really confusing for what it actually does is quite the opposite.

Light colors, are avoided by people, who are a bit plump. The reason for this that light colors makes everything look larger. Hence, if you want to make your penis look larger and thicker then it is advisable that you wear a light colored condom.

Excitement with glowing condoms

All of you must have heard about glowing condoms, but how many of you have tried it? The glowing condoms add an extra effect in creating the illusion of bigger and thicker penis. In a dark room, where there is absolutely no light, your penis with glowing condom will look much bigger and tempting for your partner.

Body size affects the size of the penis

The size of your body plays an important role in creating the illusion of a large penis. You will notice that a man, who is skinny and short, will look absolutely huge even with a penis, which is five inches long. However, a well build and tall man will look short with the penis of the same size.

It is completely impossible for you to change the structure of your body. However, what you can actually do is lose a bit of weight. This will enable you to give an impression of having a large penis, and not to mention a more energetic and healthy sex life.

The reason for your penis appearing larger after losing weight is that you lose weight around the fat pad to which your penis is attached to the pubic bone. Hence, it gives an illusion of having a larger and thicker penis.

Tricks used in pornography to create an illusion

Whenever, you watch porn, you long to have a penis of the same size that of the porn star. However, have any of you ever noticed that a porn star looks large and impressive in some movies, and in another, he looks small? How is it possible for one person to have different kinds of penis, or have his penis shrunk overnight? This is not so, it is all about the camera trick used, which creates this effect.

When the camera is too close, then it makes the penis looks larger and when it is farther away, it makes the penis looks small. As discussed earlier, the side profile as well as the 45-degree angle profile creates an illusion and this is used during the making of porn too.

It is time that you try these simple illusionary tricks to awe your partner and impress her in bed, with your large penis.

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