The Pro's And Con's Of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement is such a sensitive and tricky subject. This is particularly because there aren't many options as far as permanent and drastic enlargement of the male member is concerned. Some techniques work well to increase girth while others are good for length. There seem to lack several options that deliver real changes in both length and girth at the same time. Penile enlargement surgery can provide increases in both length and girth, either on separate occasions or even in just a single operation.

A number of men have actually this drastic and expensive method of penis enlargement. Before you rush and decide that this is what you really want, let us evaluate its pros and cons. It's important to know what you are about to put yourself into.

Pros of penis enlargement surgery:

  1. Increases both penis length and girth: if done correctly, male enhancement surgery is the best way to approach penis growth in terms of both length and circumference. As I have stated earlier, there are only a few methods that can be used to increase both length and girth. Besides, patients with penile surgery may even choose to undergo either separate operations for girth and length increase or a single operation for both length and girth.

  2. Helps to improve your sexual performance: nearly every man in the world (including your favorite porn star) is constantly wishing he would find a way to improve his sexual performance. Unconsciously, men want to know that they can make any woman happy in bed. This is the source of their confidence and esteem. Well, penile enlargement surgery actually helps you obtain increased masculinity, self esteem, as well as confidence which significantly contribute to your performance in bed.

  3. Improved quality of life: when a man is confident about his masculinity, he can achieve so much in this life. With a bigger penis, the different aspects of your life will change significantly. Apart from being able to perform extremely well in bed, you will have the confidence to prosper in your career, academics, business, and family matters among numerous others areas of life.

Cons of penis enlargement

Anything that has advantages is always accompanied by disadvantages. Penile enlargement surgery isn't exception. Below are some of its cons:

  1. Expensive; apparently, penis enlargement surgery is the most expensive method of penis enlargement. You must be willing to chuck out a considerable amount of money ranging from £1000 to £5000. The money spent will depend on the kind of penis increase you are looking for. If you are looking to increase the penis girth, the price is relatively lower than penis length increase.

  2. Less rigid erections: among the most common risks associated with penile surgery is the less rigid erections witnessed by men. This is mostly common when going through the process of recovery, but there are some people who continue to have problems obtaining erections. This translates to poor performance in sex- something that no man really wants to experience. Penile surgery also causes men to experienced reduced sensation and consequently, the inability to enjoy sex.

  3. Bruising and scarring: these two after effects are common in all types of surgeries. Besides, they are almost inescapable particularly due to the difficulty of keeping the area not only dry but also clean. This in turn leads to discomfort during sex and besides, scars have never looked good on anyone- and mostly, not on the one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

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