Use Caution With Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are devices which are often sold in sex shops. They are specially designed to give a man an erection. Available in the market are various types of penis pumps, but the basic ones consist of a hollow plastic cylinder and a tube that runs from the cylinder to a pump mechanism. Penis pumps are well known for increasing the penis size and erection for sexual intercourse. They are one of the most commonly used devices by men with the primary goal being to enhance their sexual performance.

The issue of safety while using a penis pump all along has been a great discussion over a period. As mentioned above it consists of a pumping mechanism which forces blood into the blood vessels within your penile tissue-like chambers. This results in harder and stronger erections that improve satisfaction in bed. It also makes the penile tissues to expand which in turn stimulates the growth and development of new cells making the penis thicker and bigger.

As it is seen, if the penis pumps are not used with caution they may end up bringing harm to your penis. Discussed below are the key safety measures you need to know while using penis pumps.

First, you have to lubricate your penis. Since you will have to have your penis inserted into the cylindrical tube attached to the pump, it is always good to have your penis lubricated. This helps in reduction of friction between your penis skin and the pump. Whenever there is friction, you will experience some pain while using the penis pump.

To avoid bursting of blood vessels, you will need to pump slowly. Excessive pumping may damage the penis. The pumping needs to be done gradually until the penis erects. As the pressure is drawn from the tube, you will start feeling pressure on your penis. Also, to avoid more damage, the pumping should be done within twenty minutes in a single stretch.

The moment you feel that you are satisfied with the attained erection, have the penis ring slipped in carefully. The ring traps blood helping you to sustain the erection. As soon as you slip it, the erection stops. After indulging in sexual intercourse, remove the ring for it could result to some damage on your penis.

Also as a caution, it is recommended that you should not use a penis pump for more than half an hour. The pressure in the pump may end up bursting the blood vessels if it is used for a more extended period. If you use it for more than the required time, your penis may become discolored and cold to the touch. A feeling of numbness may as well be experienced.

Just like any other device, for you to get the desired outcomes, you need to use the penis pumps appropriately. Apart from being a method that is trusted for penis enlargement, penis pumps have been medically useful in the treatment of various sexual dysfunctions. It is thus recommended that they should be used with caution.

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