Changing Her Perspective Of You From Best Friend To Lover

This is a very tough spot for men especially if they develop feelings towards their best friend. She is the one with whom you share the little tit bits that happen in your everyday life. Friendships that turn into love have a high chance of resulting in the happy relationship, ever after. In this article, we will discuss on how to change her outlook towards you so that she views you as her lover as well as her best friend.

Chances that the Relationship Will Work

She is your best friend from ages. She is the best thing that has happened to you from the time you have shifted to a new neighborhood or joined kindergarten. Suddenly, one fine day, you wake up to realize that you have fallen in love with her. The main question is whether she too views you, in the same sense. It might be difficult to find out, but not impossible.

One of the greatest advantages of relationships with best friends is that both of you understand each other. She knows both your positive and negative traits. You do not have to pretend in front of her or boast about yourself to impress her. She likes you just as you really are.

Secondly you know how to handle her mood swings or tantrums, so the possibility of a kiss and make up is high. She cannot be angry at you for long and you can use this to the best of your advantage. You do not have to shower her with expensive gifts and you can tell her anything and everything and she might not get offended about it.

Changing Her Perception about You

Now that you are sure that you love her, you will have to work on changing her perception about you. For her, you are her emotional strength, the pillar where she can lean on when she is sad or depressed. This will not do now. You will have to give her the impression that you want more than friendship with her. Be there for her, but not always make her rely on you for all her problems. She needs to feel the pinch when you are not around.

Begin flirting with her. You need to make her realize that you are serious on dating her. Take her out on an actual date to a good restaurant of her choice. Make her feel special and drop hints that you are actually hitting on her. She might be surprised by your sudden change of behavior, but she might actually start looking at you in a new way.

Romantic Things to Do When Dating Your Best Friend

If you play your cards right very soon, your best friend might become your lover and before you know it you are into a steady relationship. When you are dating a stranger, you need to plan your first date with extreme care. But how do you plan a first official date for your best friend.

Surprise her with a vacation and take her to the place she loves the most. If you are on a tight budget, then you can treat her a romantic candlelight dinner or a movie.

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