The Don'ts For Your Date With Her

“Exciting” is just an underestimating word to the feelings that come with the mere thought of dating a girl. You feel yourself high on the skies, and numerous joyous thoughts run inside your mind. However, all the excitements and happiness find an end, and frustrations and regrets clutter your mind when you fail to get the second chance with her. You failed to impress her, and messed everything up. Above all, you don't even have an idea as what went wrong.

As far as dating is concerned, you need to be clear with few things, the don'ts for a date. Girls simply hate it, when a guy reveals those. As a matter of fact, you're dating experiences count, and it can be a great thing to enhance your chances for a successful date the next time. However, you might be repeating the same mistakes again and again. Hence, better know about those.

Wet Palms, Uneasy Breathing, Talking Too Fast, and Other Signs of Being Low Confident

Quite obvious, isn't it? Most guys usually face this issue, when they are dating a girl. Nervousness, too conscious about your appearance, sweaty palms, and many other signs are themselves revealed when you are with her. However, these can be the biggest turn-offs for any girl, and you might not be surprised if she shows no interest in you then.

Confidence is the most significant thing that a guy needs to exude when he is on a date. Hence, let it be easy, take a deep breath, feel comfortable, and try to enjoy the time with her. Don't feel like you are there to impress her, rather take it just as a fun time with her. Thinking too much about whether things are going on right or not, what impression she is getting about you, etc. can ruin it on your part.

Apologizing Too Many Times - “Sorry”

Sorry, chances are high that she would make an excuse and try to leave as early as possible. Why? The simple reason being, you too enlisted yourself among those “too much of sorry” type of guys. The ones, who apologize for even simple things, and try to be a “good-guy”, are never any girl's choice.

C'mon, its ok, accidents happen, and those are automatically forgiven too. You don't need to beg for her forgiveness, and being sorry every time. Unless and until, it is actually causing any physical or psychological damage to the girl, you don't need to be sorry.

Revealing It Too Early

Let it be suspense for her, as whether you actually like her or not. Let not her choose you, rather you try to be the approver. Revealing your liking for her and your intentions too early can in no time ruin all your chances with her.

The only thought she would get then, would be of all those early guys, the way they tried to impress her, and that she rejected them. Yes, she is pretty and smart, but is she actually of your type, and are you actually impressed with her. Let her dive in these thoughts.

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