Get Slippery

While most couples use lubricants for masturbation or for anal sex, they can also make plain old sex extra wonderful.

Getting slippery is a great way to add an element of fun to your sex.

Using lubricants is even helpful for women who don't seem to produce enough natural lubricant on their own or doesn't produce it throughout your entire sexual experience.

Lubricants provide a variety of purposes. They ease penetration, and can make sex a lot more fun when it is so comfortable.

You can also use massage oils or similar types of oils to rub all over each other. There is nothing better that getting slippery and rubbing your lubricated bodies all over each other.

It can provide a whole new dimension to your lovemaking, and most couples really enjoy the sensation of being able to glide over each other's bodies so easily. You will find yourself noticing new things about your lover's body and getting turned on by being able to be so close and intimate with your partner. 

There are so many different types of lubricants available in the market today that you should know which ones are best for what you plan to do it bed. You will soon find that there are lubricants that come in different colors and even in different flavors to add to your fun and pleasure.

Here is some information about the different types of lubricant, what you can use them for, and anything you should be aware of when using them. Petroleum based lubricants are made from petroleum products are the ones you are probably familiar with include baby oil and Vaseline.

These lubricants will stain fabrics and should never be used with condoms because they compromise their effectiveness. They work well for anal play and masturbation.

Oil based lubricants are similar to petroleum based ones in that they can also stain fabrics and also should not be used with condoms. They also work well for anal play and masturbation. 

Water based lubricants are among the most popular types of lubricants. They come in flavored and unflavored choices. They are safe to use with condoms and other latex items such as sex toys.

They are safe to use with various birth control methods. These types of lubricants can dry out when enjoying extended sex, but are easily replenished with water.

Another popular type of lubricant is silicone based lubricants. The very best thing about silicone based lubricants is that they are waterproof. This makes them perfect for sex play in a hot tub, bubble bath, or any other body of water.

They will not compromise condoms but should not be used with latex based sex toys. Choosing your lubricant should be done by what you intend to do with it.

There are lubricants for every purpose and every need, and it pays to have some of each type on hand to make sure you have the right lubricant for the job. If you have never used lubricants during sex before, it should be fun to try some and see what kind of slippery fun you can get into.

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