Great Foreplay Tips

Men and women that enjoy their sex lives report that the foreplay they engage in is long and sensual. Foreplay is an important part of sex for both men and women.

Some men think that by engaging in a few minutes of foreplay they are doing what a woman needs to get her to the point of being ready for sex.

Other men dispense with foreplay altogether because they don't need it to get to orgasm, so why should they bother with it?

The simple fact is that foreplay makes sex even better for both women and men.

It increases pleasure and makes sex much more satisfying for both parties. There is no such thing as foreplay that is too long.

Foreplay can go on for minutes or hours, depending on the couple. However, there is no set amount of time that should be spent on foreplay.

Couples should spend enough time on foreplay so that the man has an erection and the woman is comfortably lubricated. Foreplay often adds the spice necessary to get both people turned on and excited for sex.

Great foreplay often starts with talking and teasing. Telling a woman what you plan to do to her body, how you plan to touch her and what you would like her to do to you can be such a powerful foreplay technique.

For women, a lot of getting turned on is in her head, and making her picture strong sexual images of the two of you together will get her hot in no time. It will also get you hot as you think of what they two of you will be doing together later.

Some people like to begin foreplay in public. If this is something you like, you can secretly stroke her breasts, pat and cup her buttocks or exchange a long, lingering kiss. This gets your attention focused on each other and gets you thinking about the sexual act. 

Allow her to take off your clothes and take of hers. Do it slowly, and enjoy kissing the skin that taking off her clothes reveals. You can start at her feet or at her torso, whichever pleases you the most. You can also ask her to take off her clothes for you as you lie back on the bed or vice versa.

The key here is to go slowly so that you are very aware of the skin that is emerging as a sexual turn-on. Oral sex is a great foreplay tool. You can use your fingers and your mouth and tongue to bring her to orgasm or even just to the brink of orgasm. 

Since women can enjoy multiple orgasms in a single sexual session, it can be a great way to get her ready for intercourse. You can also have her perform oral sex on you to get you rock hard and ready for intercourse, as well.

Another great foreplay tool can be porn. While some couples do not enjoy this, many couples do. Watching another couple have sex while the two of you are lying there naked can be incredibly erotic as you allow yourselves to explore things you are seeing.

One of the ways to boost your sexual life is to enlarge your penis. According to numerous studies done, they found out that having a thicker and longer penis brought more pleasurable sex as compare to what it can bring with an average or small penis.

Experts believe the reason behind this is because a thicker penis will fill-up the vagina while a longer penis will penetrate deeper into those sensitive nerve endings and create an intense feelings that an ordinary or small penis can't.

Even a small increases in penis thickness or length does bring a huge difference during sex according to experts.

If you are unsatisfied with your current size or felt that your penis size is not big enough, thus cannot fully satisfy your lover. Don't worry because now it is possible for you to increase both thickness and length through the usage of traction device.

It works by stretching your penis slowly as you use it daily. New, bigger and stronger cells are produced during the process, within weeks, you will notice a difference in the thickness and length of your penis.

Still wondering if you should go ahead with your enlargement plan? Ask yourself this. "If you can put in some effort to provide immerse pleasure for the women you love, is it worth it?

Don't forget, this is not all, there are numerous benefits such as increased confidence which leads to increase sexual performance, a healthier penis, a rock-hard erections and many more..

That is amazing what a one time effort will pay off. So don't hesitant and take action to achieve the penis size you always wanted.

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