How To Measure Your Penis

Before you start any penis enlargement methods, it is important that you measure your initial penis size first. 

By keeping track on your size will help you determine how is the progress so far. You are advised not to measure your penis daily but weekly.

This is more realistic as new cells needs time to grow and heal and ultimate leads to increases in both thickness and length. 

Patient is the key word, during the first few weeks, increases might not be faster than you have expected but you will be rewarded handsomely for your patience and your efforts.

To measure your flaccid length, you should measure from the side of your penis. Stand up straight and extend your flaccid penis in front of you so it is parallel to the floor. 

Then, place a ruler to your penis so it is slightly pressing against the pubic bone. Your penis and ruler must be parallel with each other. Take down the measurement on your tracking notepad.

To measure your flaccid length, you should measure from the side of your penis. Before you start measuring, ensure your penis is most erect, next hold your penis below the head and place a ruler next to it with your free hand so it is slightly pressing against the public bone. 

Take down the measurement on your tracking notepad. Do not exaggerate the measurement. Be honest with yourself. To measure your girth, you can't use a ruler but a measuring tape to measure in the centre of the penis shaft. 

Hold your penis out in front of you when flaccid, next wrap a measuring tape around your penis. Avoid applying too much pressure on your penis and remember the amount of pressure you apply for your weekly measurement. 

Take down the measurement on your tracking notepad. To measure your erect girth, a measuring tape is required. Ensure your penis is fully erect, then hold your penis out in front of you parallel with the floor. 

With your other free hand, place the measuring tape around your penis. Use the same pressure you apply for the measurement of flaccid girth. Take down the measurement on your tracking notepad.

Don't worry if after your measurement you realize your penis size actually is not bigger than you have wish for. With today medical advances, now it is possible to enlarge your penis right at your home. Yes, it is possible with the usage of penis enlargement traction device.

This principle of traction or weights to increase tissue mass has also been practiced for over 2,000 years by various cultures around the world. It is easy to use, safe and does not cause any side effects. 

That is why it is becoming the most popular ways to enlarge penis. Penis traction devices have been proven medically that it does work to enlarge penis.

Because of its success, now it is being use for the enlargement of penis. Thanks for this marvelous device, now men worldwide don't have to worry about small or average penis size anymore. It has help thousands of men get the penis size they desire, so can you benefits from it too.

Amazing Results A Penis Enlargement Device Can Produce

Increase Confidence Level

The world is witness to the fact that a man with bigger penis will have greater confidence and self esteem. This confidence will have a direct influence on his performance on bed. Women always prefer a man with such confidence level and get attracted like a magnet to them.

Increase In Penis Length Permanently

Unless you achieve a longer penis it is not possible to reach inner sections of her vagina and produce those intense sexual feeling in her. Now this is possible with the use of penis enlargement device.

Increase In Penis Girth Permanently

Many women admit the fact that the girth of the penis plays a huge role for greater sexual pleasure. You can consider this aspect.

A thicker sex organ is able to fill up the vagina completely and touch those nerve endings which can never be reached with an under sized organ. It creates most intense feelings for her and makes her moan with pleasure.

Rock-Hard And Powerful Erections

You dream of having a erection as that of the teen times is not too far with the use of 3 in 1 system penis enlargement device.

And Many More…

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