Sex And Colors

You probably don't think that having good sex with a woman can depend on the colors of your shirt, your room or even the color of the candles you have chosen.

The fact is that color has a deep impact on mood and feelings. Numerous studies have shown that colors affect people in pretty much the same ways.

Sometimes, getting a woman to have sex with you can be as simple as wearing a dark red shirt, driving a dark blue car or having violet candles in your bedroom.

Seriously, you can use color to influence the mood of both yourself and the woman you are with. 

Of course, the color that first comes to mind is red. Red is the color most of us associate with passion, with love and sex. However, a lot of women also associate lighter shades of red with love, such as pink and peach.

Orange is also a color that grabs attention, stimulates a variety of appetites and is an active color that represents activity.

Using any of these colors can increase how romantic a woman feels in any given situation. Giving her a gift that is one of these colors can also increase the likelihood that she will be more in the mood for loving and sex. So try painting the walls of your bedroom a rich red.

Wear red underwear, or send her roses that are pink or peach colored. She will definitely be thinking of you. Red is the color of excitement, of celebrations and good things.

Use this color and these feelings to your advantage. Another great color for stimulating passion and sex are purple and violet hues. Purple is considered a color of mystery, a color of dreams and fantasies.

Purple is majestic, and is considered to be a color that exudes confidence. So if you want her to think that you are a confident, mysterious lover that will fulfill her fantasies, and then purple is your color of choice.

You can buy deep violet sheets for your bed, have purple candles infused with sandalwood and patchouli scents to light in your room, or choose a dark purple shirt that makes your eyes smoky and seductive.

Using dark tones of purple let her know that you can be intensely interested in her, and deliver that intensity when having sex. Dark blue is also an erotic color.

However, you need to make sure you choose dark blue, because lighter shades of blue bring to mind restful, peaceful things, and that is not what you want her to be thinking about when she looks at you.

Dark blue has connotations that are more like purple, and make her think there is something mysterious and even a bit dangerous about you. So choose dark blue for your bedspread, wear your darkest blue jeans that are almost black, and drive a hot vehicle that looks like the sea at midnight.

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