Independent Editor's Choice #4 - X4 Labs Male Power Penis Pump Review

Enhancement Average
Size Gain 1-2 inches
Speed Average
Comfort Average
Quality Average
Customer Support Average
Reputation Average
Product Guarantee 60 Days
Ease of Refund Average
Overall Rating 8.9


What Benefits Can You Achieve With X4 Labs Male Power Penis Pump?

  • It helps in increasing blood circulation. X4 Labs Male Power Penis pumps help in creating an air vacuum which forces the blood circulation in the penis. As a result, there is a better erection in the penis.

  • With a proper blood circulation and flow, you can expect a better sexual stimulation and a readiness whenever you are in the act of sexual intercourse. Regular use of the X4 Labs Male Power Penis Pumps ensures a better performance in bed.

  • Men, having sensitive skin, will get much benefit from the penis pump. By using the device, youíll see an improvement of erection time. There will be stronger and harder results on the penis.

  • You will have more enjoyable sexual game by prolonging your erection with the placement of constriction band just at your penis.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

Pros of using the pump:

  • The pump is made keeping in mind the comfort of the users: You will not find it difficult to use. With a valve and a plastic cover, the pump is easy to use. The air absorption mechanism is used whereby a vacuum is created to accomplish maximum erection.

  • It brings back your sexual life: There are people who are facing a lot of troubles in their relationship just because of sexual problems. With this product, you can attain maximum sexual pleasure. Your partner will have no reason to complain.

  • It is affordable and comes in a very pocket friendly price: You can use it for regular exercises and get a larger dick which is healthier and fit for performance. A one-time investment is worth it.

  • One use is enough for one sexual play: So, if you use it once before one intercourse session, it would be enough for the whole session. The erection lasts pretty long.

  • Safe for every user- The penis pumping system is safe for all users, having poor blood circulation in the penis or have diabetes issues. X4 Labs Male Power Penis Pumps are also good for those, who have leukemia and undergone surgical process for the colon cancer.

Cons of using the pump:

  • If you donít use the pump properly, you might end up having penis injuries: This is why physicians always advice you to know how it is used first and then go for testing it.

  • Overusing the pump can be bad for your penis tissues: As you know, you can use it regularly. However, you need to know where to stop. If you use it more than what you are supposed to, you might end up having permanent injuries.

  • Need to be used just a few minutes prior to your sexual intercourse and is temporary: In such a case, you cannot hide the fact that you use the pump from your partner. Men often hesitate to do that. If your partner is fine with it, it is alright. However, some women might get turned off because of this.

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